Gambling – Because Adam Is a Man

If the internet is a rubbish bin, then civilized: cultural phenomena of all time are dumped here. Let’s take a card game – there are lots of them on the internet: on-line-casinos and on-line-clubs each hold a lot of online sweepstakes and online tournaments. But playing cards is a cultural heritage.

It doesn’t matter if we want it or not, but playing cards historically seems to be an example of the Deputy. Because the pleasure that is stolen is the sweetest, than no one is more attractive, other than gamblers or harvester cards Pengeluaran sgp .

In France, the desire for games to climax during Louis XVI, kings and grandees set an example for themselves. Cardsharping prospered along with the game, including in court. And that is despite the strict law on the card games, issued and signed by the same king! A person can be sentenced, fined 3,000 livres, denied civil rights, expelled from the city for playing games and maintaining a nest. According to them, card debt and different obligations are not legal; parents deserve to get money from it, their children lose some money. But it was considered very shameful among the aristocracy – the debt of cards was a matter of honor, and had to be paid. Even in the case of bankruptcy, the first debt to pay is table-card debt;

The passion for playing games also dominated in the era of the French revolution. The National Assembly in 1791 banned all games, establishing strict punitive measures, thus not for players, but for gambling den owners and even for tenants, who would not inform about gambling games that took place in a house. But every revolution is as cruel as a hypocrite – the republic’s government asks the painter David to change the type of playing cards, which have existed in France since the seventeenth century. The kings were succeeded by war, trade, world, and art geniuses who wore Phrygian hats. Women – based on numbers, representing freedom of religion, press, marriage and trade; allegory of equality of state, rights, duties and race replaces the four jacks. After that the card-table producer was replaced by the king by philosophers and writers, women based on virtue, jack by famous republicans. A directory began to allow the opening of gambling houses, and then worked on it, so that from 1804 of 25 percent tax farmers were levied on behalf of the poor.

In general playing cards look different from now. It is assumed that they emerged in Europe in the XIV century from the Islamic world or, in other versions, of gypsies, as Tarot logs, then they were modified. Of the 22 Major Arcana of Tarot, only three cards are left: the king replaces a pharaoh, a mistress, and a horseman. And in general of the 78 Tarot cards only 52 cards remain or 54 cards in the log with two jokers (but, the theory of the origin of Tarot cards is debatable, but Tarot – is a topic that can be debated in general, and that is why we will leave it). In the XIV century the king, woman and jack were represented as legendary heroes of ancient times: the king of hearts was Charles the Great, the king of spades was the biblical tsar of David, the king of diamonds was Julius Caesar, and the club’s king was Alexander Macedon. At the beginning of the XVII century in Henry II they began to decorate the cover of playing cards with small dotted ornaments, trying to prevent their marking (but did not help). Two-headed playing cards (with mirror images) appeared in Italy in the XVII century; but they began to be common only in the middle of the XIX century.

In the nineteenth century experiments with card designs continued: in 1813 the cards, which represented the Napoleonic wars, were created in France. There is a round medal with battle stages and a portrait of a country and army figure on each card (Marmont, Talleyrand etc.). For example the queen of hearts presents a battle for Moscow; seven hearts – military bivouac French soldiers playing cards. Angry allies print the cards, where the heart displays England, diamonds – Prussia, clubs – Austria, spades – Russia, with images of Alexander I and Barclay de Tolly.

Today, with the expansion of online games, the aesthetics and poetry of card-table games appear under the threat of disappearing completely. Where is the passion, the crazy armor, when the players are ready to lose the estate, public money, and wife? Where is the deep interest in bribery, fines, rubber in the eyes of intellectual players? One cannot lose wife online and look into the eyes of a player! But, that’s probably for the best – in fact when playing cards one must be careful and self-centered (Someone might still need a wife!) But the age of fatal romantic loss might have been lost. But the popularity of card games is growing and one can guess the cultural renaissance that was already there.

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